"with a difference to make a difference"


If you know you want things to be different then contacting me can be your first small step to making a big difference.


In return, my commitment to you will be to provide:

  • Confidential and professional service

  • No judgements as to where you are at or why.

  • An honest and caring approach.

  • Over 25 years of experience and qualified in a wide range of holistic psycho-therapeutic interventions to help make change possible.

  • Short-term specific work

  • Longer-term support

  • Empowering you with the skills and techniques to help you take control of your life


I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation so give me a call on 07834855560 and we can discuss how we can work together.

Appointments can be online, in person or at your home.  

The length of sessions and how many appointments you need will depend on your needs and what you want to achieve.  

If you'd like to make an appointment, email me on


Relational Supervision is for any therapist who requires regular ongoing support either with setting up practise or ongoing case management.  Supervision sessions can be arranged in line with governing bodies requirements e.g. monthly for 1.5 hours or more if in training.  Get in touch by phone/email to discuss how we can work together.



“Sharon has a very warm and down to earth approach" (Keith from London)

"I've made more progress in 6 sessions with Sharon than I have in years of previous counselling" (Emily from Stow)

"My anxiety is now under control and I have techniques I can use for the rest of my life" (Karen from Gloucester)"

"Sharon is a genuine, caring professional - thank you for all your help" (Mark from Gloucester)


"Sharon has helped me let go of many of my deep rooted unresolved traumas" (Richard from Leeds)


"Sharon has a wealth of knowledge that shows through her practice" (Clare from Cheltenham)

'Sharon has a very warm and down to earth approach.She naturally evokes trust and is very non judgemental  important attributes for a therapist.The techniques she uses are highly effective.  I recommend her.' (Ann from Cotswolds)


"I wanted to try Emotional Freedom Technique therapy and when I met with Sharon Branagh at her clinic, Sharon explained the technique and listened to my needs.  I found it to be a calm, friendly, professional and relaxing environment.  Sharon  tailored the EFT therapy well, so much so that it went beyond my expectations.  I have definitely noticed a significant improvement in my mental and physical health.  Thank you so much." (Melissa from Gloucester)

"Sharon's warm and caring personality immediately puts you at east.  I benefited greatly from my sessions with her and felt a sense of calm and peace afterwards".  (Maxine from Birmingham)






Clinic address:

2&6 Therapy Rooms, Wainbridge House, Sheperd Road, Gloucester, GL2 5EL

(Office address based in Hempsted)

Direct email:

Direct phone: 07834855560

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