Are you concerned about your child/teen?  

Do you want answers or need some clarity on the way forward?

Would an assessment report with recommendations help you get the support your child/teen needs?

Would your child/teen benefit from 1:1 therapy focused on learning techniques and coping strategies that will help them progress and be more resilient in life?  

Is your child/teen on a waiting list but they need someone to talk to now?

Could you benefit from using strategies that will help support your child/teen to make quicker progress?  

Would it benefit you to have greater consistency between home/school in order to achieve specific goals?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then give me a call to discuss which of the following support services may be helpful:

  • FREE 15 min telephone consultation 

  • Initial Assessment Visit to give you some clarity on next steps

  • Holistic Assessment with Report and Recommendations  

  • Parental Support Sessions

  • Behaviour Support package 

  • 1:1 session's with the child/teen either online, at school/college or in the comfort of your own home.  'Walk and Talk' sessions are great for getting out a bit more and/or help those who feel 'stuck' to 'move' forward.  'Drive and Thrive' sessions also work well for those who would like to experience a safe place to talk that isn't as formal as meeting in a therapy room (My car is fully insured for this purpose).

  • Flexible/fun approach, short-term solution focused or longer term support, professional service, fully insured, DBS checked

Clinical Psychology Services

I am an associate with DGF psychology (clinical services).  All my work is supervised by a clinical psychologist.


Children's Charity

I am the Behaviour Specialist for the children's charity 'Tappy Twins' who provide counselling and support to children and young people within schools.  They also provide training to parents/teaching and support staff and their training academy provides mental health education to adults within corporate settings. 



"Sharon has been the only one that has really helped our son - we are so grateful for all the help she has given us" (Andy from Gloucester)

"Sharon has gone above and beyond to help our family unit" (Jackie from Cheltenham)

"My daughter has made so much progress, she doesn't have panic attacks anymore" (Sue from Gloucester)

"“Sharon has been the most incredible support to me and my family at a time when we were all feeling very lost. Our daughter, Polly, had been diagnosed with a range of additional needs…but there was so little support as to how to manage these on a day to day level. This is what Sharon provided for us. She helped us know how to talk, play, plan, mediate, communicate, understand and ultimately helped us to know how to manage Polly’s needs so that we could support her effectively and therefore, feel more confident and happier in the process. The best outcome of this is that  Polly is so much happier and easier to deal with and our home feels calm once more. So often when our children do not behave the way we expect and we are so confused by this we look to find out why they are the way they are. When we got these answers we realised that knowing what the condition is called doesn’t always help you to know how to manage it….and that felt a scary place to be. Working with Sharon has meant that we got answers and hands on support we so desperately needed and we could not be more grateful to her. She is kind, understanding, supportive, fun and just so knowledgeable and we would not hesitate in recommending her.” (Kate from Dumbleton)

"My son first started seeing Sharon at a very difficult time, and we were put at ease from the very first meeting. Sharon quickly built a wonderful rapport with my son and over the time has been a valuable source of therapy for him, and advice to me; assisting me with getting crucial school support. My son does not easily build relationships with new adults, but Sharon achieved this so easily, and she remains one of his most respected and trusted adults. I am extremely grateful for this service, and I don't know where we would be if we hadn't had the intervention" (Astrid from Cheltenham)



Contact Details:

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Postal Address and Therapy Rooms based in Gloucester:

2&6 Therapy Rooms, Wainbridge House, Sheperd Road, Gloucester, GL2 5EL

Therapy Rooms based in Cheltenham

Essential Space, Unit A Alleyne Lodge (next to RSPCA) Knapp Road, Cheltenham, GL50 3QH

Office Address

Based in Hempsted, Gloucester


Opening Hours

Tuesday-Saturday inclusive

Direct email:

Direct phone: 07834855560

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